Less Size, Less Weight, More Power: Diotec Semiconductor
Diotec product

Diotec Semiconductor offers cost-saving alternative solutions to Vishay, Diodes, Inc., and other tier one brands! 

Semiconductors are an integral part of electronic devices, most of which cannot work without them. Diotec is a globally recognized manufacturer of semiconductor diodes and rectifiers. Over the last 40 years, Diotec Semiconductor has been highly active and competitive in this component market, providing innovative products and top customer service.

Diotec was founded in Heitersheim, Germany in 1973, producing diodes and rectifiers for the European market. Since then, Diotec has expanded to Slovenia, China, and India. Since its founding, Diotec manufactured rectifying diodes and bridges and is currently a well-recognized European brand. From silicon wafers to finished chips, Diotec produces, assembles, and tests all of its equipment and oversees every step of the process.

With an unyielding commitment to innovation, Diotec products are smaller, carry less weight, and produce more power than others. Aside from the standard catalog offerings, Diotec offers custom solutions like parametric selections, configuration of leads, and much more.
Additionally, Diotec has the capability to produce special orders. Since specialty orders require new parameters and configurations, often a completely new chip has to be developed.

Innovation: The Step Ahead

Less Size, Less Weight, More Power: The Step Ahead in Competition for our Customers

The Trend is going to even more miniaturized devices and circuits. On the other side, cost pressure is increasing on manufacturers of electronics. Modern LED lighting requires tiny drivers with as low as possible power losses and heat generation.

New developed devices such as the “Protectifiers®” bridges with low forward voltage drop, the space-saving combination of TVS and Fast diode in one Melf package or the Schottkys in ultra-flat PowerSMD are examples how Diotec adresses these needs. For our customers it is the step ahead from their competition, which helps them to survive on the market!

Special Diodes for Special Applications – the Example of “LowVf” Diodes

Commodities are offered by many. But special requirements need a specialist. Parameters have to be selected, leads to be configured or even a completely new chip has to be developed.

“LowVf” semiconductors are designed for low forward voltage drop (parameter “Vf”) at yet high reverse voltage.

If necessary, a fast switching time or suppressor characteristic (for over voltage protection) can be added. Such special semiconductors are used as bypass diodes in solar panels or as free-wheeling diodes in motor controls.

Diotec with the complete know how: The heart of a semiconductor device is the silicon Chip. While many suppliers just buy the chips and assemble them into a package, Diotec has got the complete know how of semiconductor production. From wafer and chip production through assembly to testing and packaging: The necessary equipment is mostly produced by Diotec itself, optimized for each production step.

Wafer and chip production: In the diffusion furnaces the raw material – the so called wafers – get their later diode behavior = pn-junction + special semiconductor characteristics. Then the wafers are sawed into single dice, the edges are cleaned and “passivated”, i. e. protected. Here the proprietary, environment-friendly Plasma-EPOS process is used, featuring double passivation for high reliability.

Challenging product ranges: Especially Zener and TVS diodes, with their large variety of partnames, are a major challenge with respect to base material, logistics and diffusion technology. Diotec is one of the market leaders in this field, offering one of the widest range of products and fastest delivery time.

Quality Assurance

“In-process” control and regular sample checks guarantee the constant high quality of Diotec products. Part of the system entails detailed production instructions in form of flow charts for each individual product. All devices are tested 100% at least two times for the main data sheet parameters, prior to leaving our factories.

Mechanical and Visual Tests:

  • Physical Dimensions
  • Solderability
  • Pull Test
  • Material Contents
  • Thermography

Electrical Tests:

  • Initial Parameter Test
  • Device Curves
  • Current Loading
  • Forward and Reverse Surge Test
  • 10/1000µs Pulse
  • ESD Test

Environmental Tests:

  • High Temperature Reverse Bias
  • High Temperature Storage Test
  • Low Temperature Storage Test
  • 85/85 Test
  • Temperature Cycling
  • Pressure Cooker Test
  • Resistance to Solder Heat
Superior Ethernet Performance Test for Raspberry Pi RP2040
Comparing the network performance test between W5100S and LAN8720.