Smart Site Solution

Construction site noise and dust monitoring system, mist cannon, construction safety management system.

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Grid Atmosphere Monitoring System

Multi-parameter air quality monitoring system, CO, NO2, O3, SO2, PM2.5, PM10 online monitoring.

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Online Oil Fume Monitor

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Water Environment Monitoring System

Water quality PH, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen content, conductivity, various ion monitoring ..., used for water pollution monitoring, aquaculture water environment monitoring.

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Hydrological Monitoring System

Hydrological monitoring system, online monitoring of water level, flow, silt, water quality, moisture, eveporation, ice, air pressure etc.

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Water Quality Monitoring System Solution

Floating type / Vertical pole type / Station Type water quality monitoring station, real-time monitoring of water PH, ammonia nitrogen,flow, ion, temperature.

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Slope Monitoring System Solution

Deep displayment monitoring, seepage flow monitoring, rainfall monitoring, crack monitoring, supporting structure monitoring.

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CEMS Flue Gas Monitoring System

continuous emission air pollution monitoring system, air SO2, NO, CO, CO2, O2 monitoring.

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Flue Gas VOCs Monitoring System

Flue vocs gas monitoring system, real time monitoring SO2, NOX, O2, CO, CO2, HCL, CH4 etc.

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