Intelligent Gasoline Level Monitoring Lifts Companies out of Energy Shortage Problems

For many years now, the world has been promoting new wireless technologies, for example, LoRaWAN®, as the “silver bullet” that’s going to solve a lot of connectivity problems across many industries such as Oil and Energy. Faced with increasing challenges, enterprises are continuously trying to deploy IoT technology into gasoline level monitoring and measurements to detect real-time accurate gasoline volume despite wide temperature swings, rough handling and harsh environments. This solution will help companies to determine the consumption of fuel, display the current level of petrol on the Milesight Cloud (Web/APP) and deliver alerts accordingly.


From concept to connectivity, this solution is often adopted in places where oil storage levels need to be monitored and measured. It provides continuous measurement for fuel level and allows users to have a better management of energy storage.



  • Wired connection is hard to deploy
  • Difficult to keep sensor device working for years
  • Lifespan of product batteries are not long enough



Based on LoRaWAN® technology, the EM500-SGL enables users to continuously monitor the amount of fuel remaining in a storage tank over wireless connectivity. The gasoline level will be measured by the EM500-SGL calculating the amount of pressure exerted by the liquid above it and then converting it to an electrical signal to send to LoRaWAN® Gateway. With the customizable probe length, the detecting distance is up to 200m and our submersible gasoline sensor technology ensures precise readings every time.

This solution help industries to measure the gasoline level and make system work more efficiently.


Featured Product:


The EM500 submersible gasoline sensor (SGL) is a LoRaWAN-based and custom-designed product for detecting petrol level and calculating its volume with preset formula. With low power consumption, remote access and years-long use life, it appears to be an ideal wireless connectivity for the oil and energy industry.

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Rugged and Ready to Connect

With IP66-IP68 industrial-grade enclosure and years-long uselife, the EM500-SGL is robust and reliable to offer wireless connectivity for gasoline level monitoring and measurements.

Long Lasting and High Precision Measurements

The EM500-SGL delivers up to 200-meter-long accurate readings and will provide many years of reliable and worry-free use.

Almost Zero-Contact Configuring with NFC

Faced with challenging working conditions, the EM500-SGL features NFC configuring to help users streamline operations easily and keep the promise of real-time metrics, actionable data and industry wide connectivity.

Keep Real-time Monitoring with Milesight Cloud

The Milesight Cloud (Web/APP) is an IoT platform that drives decision-making with intelligent analytics, protect your data with multi-layered security and offers 1-year free service for every user.

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