IoT Solution Make Aquaculture More Sustainable

Along with the rapid development of the domestic aquaculture industry, the area of aquaculture has increased year by year, which has become one of the major industries for agricultural economic growth in China. However, in the monitoring of aquaculture water quality and security, most farmers still adopt traditional farming models that rely too much on experience, which can not make scientific judgments on water quality and environmental changes. Thanks to the rapid development of LoRaWAN® and cellular technology, it provides a smart solution for aquaculture water quality and security monitoring so as to create tightly controlled and sustainable growth conditions.



Nowadays, most of the industrial aquaculture water quality and security monitoring uses Zigbee, Wi-Fi, GPRS, and other wireless communication technologies, but for the pond aquaculture with a large monitoring area, there are shortcomings.

  • Short communication distance
  • Poor anti-interference
  • High power consumption
  • Separate management platforms


Milesight has all the tools necessary to effectively monitor and manage your fish farming operation. The Milesight UC500 series LoRaWAN® controller is connecting with multiple traditional sensors like electrical conductivity sensor, PH sensor, fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensor through the RS485 industrial interface. These instruments allow for a quick check of water quality, while the IP cameras can aid in process control for your entire facility. If necessary, the admin can add other sensors such as a water temperature sensor and water transparency sensor to connect with the sensor node as well.

The EM500-UDL ultrasonic level sensor is a LoRaWAN® based device. The pond water level data can be directly submitted to the gateway over LoRaWAN®. The low-power aquaculture water quality monitoring system based on LoRa, which means you can expect up 10 to 20 km wide coverage in a rural environment with an outdoor gateway, while in the urban areas it can reach beyond 2 to 3 km. 

Anyway, the pond water can be effectively managed to provide the most suitable environment for fish living. For example, the dissolved oxygen value in water should be more than 3mg/L for fish growing, otherwise fish would stop eating and growing.


Set up a video surveillance camera in the breeding area to realize the functions of remote real-time monitoring, regular snapshots, video storage, and playback. This surveillance system can carry out 24 by 7 monitoring of the aquaculture area, which not only guarantees the safe production in the field but also improves the work efficiency and management level of the farmers.


The UR32 industrial cellular router with dual-SIM plays a big role in this solution that provides Internet and power for both gateways and cameras through RJ45 PoE ports. The most popular network protocols MQTT and TCP/IP will bridge the Milesight Cloud & App to gateway and router accordingly.

The Milesight Cloud platform owns many rich features, in which, the trigger is the most important one that can remotely control other devices through the relay output of the UC500 series LoRaWAN® controller. It also allows you to easily view real-time water quality conditions remotely via PC or through the Milesight Cloud app. Additionally, alarms can be set when conditions fall below user-defined standards, quickly alerting admin of the condition so they can respond quickly to the change in conditions.

Featured Products

  1. PH Sensor with RS485 interface
  2. Electrical Conductivity Sensor with RS485 interface
  3. Fluorescent Dissolved Oxygen Sensor with RS485
  4. LoRaWAN® Water Level Sensor: EM500-UDL
  5. LoRaWAN® Controller: UC500 Series
  6. LoRaWAN® Gateway Outdoor: UG87
  7. High-Resolution Camera IPC
  8. Industrial Cellular Router UR32
  9. Milesight IoT Cloud & App


1.Visualized Aquaculture Management

It monitors the PH value, dissolved oxygen, and water level in the pond and present data on Milesight Cloud that can be viewed at any time, providing admin with real-time and highly accurate data.

2.Wireless Deployment

LoRaWAN® wireless sensing method and 4G cellular network save the trouble of wiring in the entire facility.

3.Low Power Consumption

Low power consumption technology ensures a long duration of the sensor node. Multiple sensors can be supported simultaneously in this facility.

4.Safe Production

The surveillance cameras in the breeding area, which can remotely view the on-site situation in real-time to ensure safe production. 

The entire solution has comprehensive functions, real-time performance, and high accuracy of data, which is of practical value to promote intelligent, intensive, and information-based aquaculture.

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