Milesight 5G CPE Leads the Way in Unlocking the Potential of Your Internet


The 5G era has come, bringing more opportunities to the Internet to become faster and better. With the advent of 5G technology, 5G CPE is developing at a rapid speed due to its tremendous merits such as superfast broadband, wide coverage, low power consumption and many more. It is the most frequently used tool in Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), the most down-to-earth application of 5G technology. Besides, it contributes significantly to delivering ultra-high-speed broadband to suburban and rural areas, supporting home and business applications where fiber is prohibitively expensive to lay and maintain. Now Milesight UF51 5G CPE is here to help unlock the potential of your Internet.

Why Milesight 5G CPE?

Although there are various brands of 5G CPE in the market, they are not so easy to install, while Milesight UF51 5G CPE features strong extensibility and applies to wide application scenarios which is very convenient to deploy because it supports desktop installation, wall mounting, pole mounting, magnet mounting and bottom screw mounting. What’s more, its outstanding performance allows you to reach to the Internet anytime and anywhere, and unlock Internet potential. The ultra fast speed reduces the wait time of your devices and enables you to download HD videos instantly. With a modern design, its aesthetic appearance will match the style you have very well.


Strong Extensibility & Wide Application Scenarios

Ultra Fast Speed with Higher Bandwidth & Lower Latency

Outstanding Performance with Qualcomm Quad-Core Processor

Aesthetic Appearance with Sleek Design

Application Scenarios

Milesight UF51 5G CPE is engineered to keep more devices connected in the most demanding environments with high performance. The application scenarios are included but not limited to the following useful cases, unlocking Internet potential.


Smart City

As a widely distributed, integrated and convenient urban infrastructure, smart street lamp pole is the best carrier of 5G micro base station, while 5G is a necessary means for smart lamp pole to explore new application scenarios. The two are complementary, and their combination will be the trend of the times. Installing 5G CPE in the smart street lamp pole will achieve wide signal coverage and vast amounts of data collection which helps to build a smarter city.


Smart Agriculture

By utilizing 5G CPE to extend the Internet, unmanned aerial vehicles are able to spray pesticide remotely, replacing traditional farm work which potentially does harm to human health.


Smart Factory

5G CPE is a perfect tool to be deployed around the factory to offer wide signal coverage, thus the data of all machines will be collected precisely in an instant. What’s more, remote control will become convenient like a piece of cake.


Smart Mining

With 5G CPE installed, the environmental information of mines can be collected through various sensors in the devices themselves and sent to the management center. Then the workers are able to control all kinds of devices remotely. Massive data transmission and lower latency provided by 5G CPE are beneficial to human safety and efficiency.


Smart Healthcare

As 5G CPE is widely deployed, remote diagnosis and remote treatment will undoubtedly become very convenient. Doctors can trace patients’ physical condition according to the health data collected automatically and instantly, contributing to human welfare significantly.

The 5G era will see an explosion of data transmission, with a qualitative leap in communication speed and application scenarios. In this process, Milesight 5G CPE is the most optimal choice for you to explore the potential of your Internet.

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