Milesight LoRaWAN® Devices Empower Peak Power Company to Build Up Smart Buildings in Canada

In commercial buildings, temperature, humidity, and air quality are all important for people’s health and productivity. High levels of indoor air CO2 in commercial buildings can lead to various health effects, commonly known as sick building syndrome. Increasingly sophisticated smart buildings are being developed by nations around the world to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and generally make the environment healthy for residents and business owners. A key element in the development of any smart building is the ability to introduce a high degree of intelligence into its buildings. Along with the development, Milesight comfort sensors and LoRaWAN® networks drive Peak Power’s smart building solution with long-range, low power, low maintenance, and high capacity networking and data management solutions.


Building owners and managers face many challenges when implementing smart buildings today. 

  • Picking the right systems
  • Developing a programmable platform
  • Understanding integrations
  • Training cost


In Canada, building experts and solution providers are working with property and building owners to install LoRaWAN® based smart building system, which provides around-clock monitoring of ambiance with minimum energy cost.



Building owners, operators, and managers can now stay connected to their buildings – 24/7 and regardless of location – thanks to a new LoRaWAN®-based application from Milesight.

In this smart building automation application, more than 250 units of CO2 sensors, almost 1000 units of temperature and humidity sensors are deployed and communicate via the UG87 LoRaWAN® gateway to Peak Power’s Insight™ platform. On the monitoring platform, the software is preconfigured to make automatic decisions based on the air quality sensors to turn on or off the ventilation system letting fresh air in and stale air out to provide a comfortable environment for occupants and energy efficiency outcomes.

Milesight sensors are specially pre-configured for Peak Power company to make the operation of buildings as simple as possible. They offer real-time insight into the status of building systems and allows users to make essential adjustments to their system, flexibly, and easily.


Featured Products

      1. Milesight EM500-CO2 Sensor
      2. Milesight EM300-TH Sensor
      3. Milesight UG87 Gateway
      4. Peak Power Insight™


The Peak Power Insight™ platform contains three key components, namely data collection, data analysis, and data visualization portals, which work together to provide building owners, operators, and managers with energy-saving advice.

Milesight comfort sensors are installed on each floor to monitor building data, including indoor ambiance, temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentration, while AI-powered analytics integrate this information with additional data sources to forecast peaks in demand. A mobile app or desktop portal delivers data-driven recommendations for optimizing and reducing energy consumption at peak times.

The Milesight UG87 LoRaWAN® gateway is installed approximately every 3-stories with PoE power input and has been tested to be working at least 2km away. The 4G module in the gateway provides an easy internet connection for data transmission.

Once the gateway receives the data from the comfort sensors, the embedded network server of the gateway is going to forward data by MQTT to the Insight™ platform via the cellular network. Insight™ platform is hosted for building managers’ access via the web app and mobile apps.

With the Insight™ app, operations managers can remotely monitor building conditions, equipment, and occupancy. Get automatic alerts when the indoor temperature leaves the range of 21℃-26℃, humidity falls below 40%, and the environmental condition makes occupants more vulnerable to viral respiratory infections, or when CO2 levels exceed 800 ppm indicating that no enough fresh air for the number of people in the building.



    • Internet of Things (IoT): LoRaWAN® sensors empower smart building savings 
    • Building optimization: Auto data collection can give building managers real-time insight into building performance
    • Operational efficiency: The Insight™ system can send alerts to mobile or by email when data values against thresholds.
    • Meeting occupant expectations: Easily integrate with building owner’s system as well as some level of system interaction in occupant’s own office space.

About Peak Power

Peak Power develops AI-powered software to help building owners, project developers, industries and utilities operate energy resources more efficiently. Our solutions reduce your operating costs and environmental footprint while decreasing strain on the grid.

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