New Lyra Series of Bluetooth LE Modules Based on Silicon Labs SoC Is Major Addition to Laird Connectivity’s Industry-Leading Portfolio of Bluetooth Solutions

Laird Connectivity, a global leader in wireless technology, today announced a major addition to its Bluetooth Solutions through a development partnership with Silicon Labs. The Lyra Series of Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Modules are based on the Silicon Labs EFR32BG22 SoC, giving customers a range of flexible modules that marry all the benefits of Silicon Labs hardware, software, and tool offerings with Laird Connectivity’s added value application software, services, certification, and support capabilities. This seamless partnership provides customers with multiple software development options suited to their resources and skillsets in Bluetooth LE-enabled product development.

“We are excited to partner with Silicon Labs for our new Lyra Series of modules,” says Jonathan Kaye, VP of product management, Laird Connectivity. “Together through this partnership, we drive down our customers’ total cost of ownership, design complexity and project risk, whilst ensuring them the fastest time to market for their Bluetooth LE-enabled IoT designs.”

The Lyra Series allows customers to choose from three firmware options for application development. This includes Laird Connectivity’s AT Command Set, which has been developed from years of extensive Bluetooth LE experience and customer implementations. The extensible AT option provides a robust, simple, easy to use firmware for any customer regardless of their Bluetooth LE expertise or host MCU. Full software access for C code development using the Simplicity Studio IDE and Silicon Labs’ Wireless Xpress framework is also available. Additionally, Laird Connectivity is directly providing technical and application support for all firmware options on the Lyra Series.

The Lyra Series brings out all the key features of the EFR32BG22 SoC, including Bluetooth 5.3/LE connectivity, the widest range of MCU peripherals, an extended industrial temperature rating, hostless and hosted operation, and a powerful Cortex-M33 with 512 kB Flash and 32 k RAM. Fully featured development kits are also available with everything needed in one box to start Bluetooth LE development. Customers can layer onto their development additional Laird Connectivity value-added support services including multiple pre-certified antenna options and complete Design or Certification Services relating to any aspect of their IoT Product design.

“The Lyra Series is a seamless combination of Silicon Labs performance from the EFR32BG22 SoC, its associated firmware and tools plus Laird Connectivity’s rich added value firmware and industry-leading customer support,” says Anders Pettersson, director of sales enablement, Silicon Labs. “This combination makes Lyra a smart choice for OEMs looking to implement Bluetooth LE into new IoT product designs with low overhead in hardware, software, and certifications.”

The Lyra Series is ideal for a broad range of battery-powered IoT device applications including professional lighting, asset tags and beacons, secure medical peripherals, and industrial IoT sensors. Modular FCC, ISED, EU, UKCA, MIC, KC and Bluetooth SIG approvals extend to OEM designs with no new testing, enabling faster time to market and reduced development risks.

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