Smart IoT Based Sensor Networks for Forest Fire Detection

Nowadays, forest fires often cause serious threats to the environment and produce real emergency situations and natural disasters. How long do you want to wait to know there is a fire in the forest? Most of the times, when someone notices about the fire, it is too late because the fire has spread already. Thus, the enhancement of forest fire detection system by CO(carbon dioxide) monitoring can be evaluated. The monitoring of certain environmental variables may make forest fire prevention, detection and fight more efficient.


Installing sensors in optimal locations for forest fire detection is critical. A network of EM500-CO2 sensors can be placed in different areas in a forest to detect when a fire has started. Besides the CO2 (carbon dioxide) monitoring, which can measure the changes in temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure which are caused by a fire in the forest. Early detection is important for a quick reaction of the fire-fighters and remote monitoring centers will be able to know when a fire is started and how it is spreading.


  • Heavy dependence on manual search methods for forest fire detection
  • Big human resource investment with low efficient
  • Excessive and different devices and data to operate and record manually 
  • The difficulty of early-stage forest fire detection

Featured Product

The following devices are needed for a smart LoRaWAN® based system for CO2 (carbon dioxide) monitoring and forest fire detection with an effective alert mechanism.



    • EM500-COCarbon Dioxide Level LoRaWAN® Sensor
    • Milesight Gateway
    • Milesight Cloud

The EM500-CO2 helps in real-time monitoring of CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions. This sensor measures a large change in carbon dioxide concentration. By placing the sensors at optimal locations within the forest, it will be more accurate to calculate the CO(carbon dioxide) rate.

Combining with the advanced LoRa technology and 19000mAh battery makes it a low power consumption product with years-long use of life. It integrates CO(carbon dioxide), barometric pressure, temperature and humidity sensors, which suits outdoor environmental monitoring applications.


Implement LoRaWAN® solution to monitoring atmospheric CO2 (carbon dioxide), temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure in an all-in-one EM500-CO2 sensor. It is a simple-to-use Carbon Dioxide sensor, suitable for sensing CO2 (carbon dioxide) concentrations anywhere from 400 to 5000ppm.

The corresponding change in the CO2 (carbon dioxide) level is sensed by the sensor and the sensor is collecting data at a minimum interval of 2 minutes or maximum interval of 30 minutes, once the CO2 (carbon dioxide) level exceeds the preset tolerance limits defined in the Alarm Threshold, the sensor will report to the gateway timely and Milesight Cloud will get the data from gateway and sends a notification to the alert recipients.



Rich Functions of 4-in-1 sensor

The EM500-CO2 sensor monitors CO2 (carbon dioxide) level mainly to detect any excess of CO2 (carbon dioxide) rate, and it is also highly sensitive to temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure in the atmosphere.

Guaranteed Data Accuracy

The sensor high performance makes the readings accurate and data transmission is highly reliable.

Reduction of On-site Operation

Once in place the sensors effectively capture and transmit the data, the local managers can read in real-time.

User-friendly Design

Modern and clean outlook design as well as responsive and user-friendly interface design. 

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