High Voltage Diodes For Smart Meter, LED Street Lamps and 4G/5G Base Stations

Ubiquity is more than ever a very important item. 4G and 5G base stations are placed in exposed positions in order to cover wide areas with sending and receiving signals. As such they are often subject to lightning strikes, which can easily damage its sensitive electronic circuits. The exposed position makes any repair difficult and expensive; therefore, robust devices are required for a long lasting, reliable operation. Similar issues are valid for smart meters and LED street lamps, which are directly connected to the land lines and are widely spread over big areas.

The SM2000GP is one of the latest members of Diotec's dedicated family of high voltage rectifiers for exactly these applications. It features a maximum DC blocking voltage of 1600 V, a reverse repetitive voltage of 2000 V and offers low reverse leakage currents even at higher temperatures. Its forward surge current rating is at 35 A (50 Hz/10 ms) respectively 39 A (60 Hz/8.3 ms). The part comes in DO-213AB/Plastic Melf package for low thermal resistance and high surge current capability. It is typically used at the input rectifier stage in a B6 three-phase bridge configuration.

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