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Cable Power IEC320-C7/C8 1.83m 2- pin JP Power Cord
SG$ 26.76
IEC320-C7/C8 2-pin power cord for Japan
USB 3.0 Cable, Blue
SG$ 8.03
1.8m, A Male to B Male (6ft)
HDMI Cable
SG$ 20.07
1.8m (6ft) black HDMI
DVI-D Cable
SG$ 20.07
Single Link, 1.5m, DVI-D black
USB A to B Cable
SG$ 8.03
USB 2.0/1.1 A to B, 2.0m, 24AWG
Grounded Power Cord
SG$ 13.38
Cable Power IEC320-C13/C14 1.83m 3-pin AU
Ungrounded Power Cord
SG$ 6.69
Cable Power IEC320-C7/C8 1.83m 2-pin AUS