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AG1171-S Low Cost Ringing SLIC with DC-DC Converter. SIL.
SG$ 10.32
Ag1171 is a low cost single channel SLIC with a fully integrated DC-DC converter to generate all necessary battery and ringing voltages. The module only requires a single supply from +3.3V to +5V. Ag1171 is suitable for low line count, short loop applications, such as Wireless Local Loop Terminals (WLL), Fixed Cellular Terminals (FCT), Fixed Wireless Terminals (FWT) and Internet Telephony (VoIP).
EvalAg117x ringing SLIC
SG$ 201.11
Telecoms evaluation boards
Silvertel Ag1110 Low cost PBX SLIC
SG$ 10.94
Ag1110 is a low cost, long loop SLIC, in a space-saving single-in-line (SIL) package, requiring very few external components. Suitable for use in high line count applications such as Central Office, PBX, Digital Loop Carrier and Pair Gain Systems.
Ag2130-S Low Cost PSTN. SIL
SG$ 10.90
Ag2130 is a low cost single channel PSTN Interface in a SIL package. The module provides many integrated features, including a basic barrier on-chip. It can be used in systems without a ground, or in applications where common mode interference is very high. Ag2130 can also be operated from either +3.3V or a +5V supply.
Ag2120 High Performance PSTN Interface.
SG$ 15.47
The Ag2120 is a self-contained highly integrated PSTN Interface Circuit in a single SIL or DIL module, which complies with RoHS requirements