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Soil pH Sensor
SG$ 105.92
Soil pH sensor / soil pH meter, real-time monitoring soil pH online, supports wireless transmission, high accuracy
Speed Soil Measuring instrument
SG$ 152.31
Portable soil sensor, easily connect, visualize, GPS location. RFID Function. 200000 data logging, with Battery.
Standard Soil Rapid measurement platform
SG$ 334.79
The hand-held soil detector can monitor the soil temperature and humidity, PH, NPK, conductivity and other parameters in real time. It can monitor a single parameter or all-in-one parameter monitoring, plug and measure. It is widely used in farmland, orchard, soil Research, irrigation and other scenarios
Multi Depth Soil Sensor NPK EC Temperature Moisture Tester
SG$ 509.49
Remote monitoring soil NPK, EC, temperature and moisture at different soil depths, RS485/ 4G/ NB-IOT/ LORA wireless transmitter.Small zero drift, repeatable, fast response, easy to install.
RS485 soil water potential sensor
SG$ 538.45
Soil water potential online monitoring, Dynamic soil moisture monitoring.