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BTM411 Bluetooth 2.1 SPP Module
SG$ 26.49
The BTM411 Bluetooth module from Laird Connectivity has been designed to meet the needs of developers who wish to add robust short range Bluetooth data connectivity to their products. They are based on the market leading Cambridge Silicon Radio BC04 chipset providing exceptionally low power consumption with outstanding range.
BTM431 BISM II Blueooth module
SG$ 29.57
Bluetooth 2.0 AT Data Module, Internal Antenna with BISM II Firmware
DVK-BT740 SPP Class 1
SG$ 132.46
BT740 Module (BT740-SC - u.FL Connector) Dev Kit
SG$ 132.46
BT730 Module (BT730-SC - u.FL Connector) Dev Kit
BT740 Bluetooth 2.1 Module
SG$ 31.44
Enhanced Class 1 Bluetooth v2.1 Module - u.FL Connector