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BT900 BTv4.0 dual Mode smartBASIC
SG$ 23.26
SMALL. SMART. SIMPLE. Laird's BT900 modules reduce the engineering burden and design risk of integrating Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy into any OEM device. The BT900s tiny form factor, optimized power schemes and smartBASIC language provide a secure, stable Bluetooth environment for any embedded design. Let Laird's innovative BT900 series and decades of expertise in Bluetooth module design speed your product to market. Available in BT900-SA and BT900-SC variants.
BL600-SA Bluetooth 4.0 Module
SG$ 17.38
The BL600 Series modules from Laird make it easy to add single-mode Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), or Bluetooth Smart, to small, portable, power-conscious devices, including those powered by AAA or coin cell batteries.
BT900 Dual Mode 4.0 USB dongle
SG$ 39.28
Intelligent USB BTv4.0 Dongle, Module
Laird USB Dongle, Bluetooth, BT820, V4.0, Hci
SG$ 17.43
BTv4.0 Dual Mode USB Dongle, Module
SG$ 132.74
BTv4.0 dual Mode, Dev Kit
Breakout Board for BL600-SA including Coin Cell Holder
SG$ 20.04
Breakout Board for BL600-SA including Coin Cell Holder
Designing Laird Connectivity’s BL600 into your system has never been easier. Laird Connectivity now introduces the Bx600 breakout board series, joining alongside the DVK-BL600 development kit. All allow you to connect to and program the BL600 from Windows, OSX, or Linux via UwTerminalX software. The Bx600 breakout boards provide a streamlined approach for simplified BL600 prototyping in as little as a tenth of the cost. They come in three packages: basic breakout board, board with coin cell attachment, and board with coin cell attachment and USB-to-UART adapter. The DVK-BL600 contains a wider variety of hardware components such as interfaces, sensors, LEDs, and power options.