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RM1xx-SM Intelligent LoRa/BLE Module
SG$ 23.93
Intelligent LoRa/BLE Module [915MHz LoRa for US] smartBASIC, Module
RAK4260 Breakout Board
SG$ 27.11
RAK4260 breakout board
RAK811 LoRaWAN Module
SG$ 13.29
With Semtech® SX1276 at its core, the RAK811(WisDuo LPWAN Module) takes advantage of all LoRa® features. Long-range, low power consumption is at its core.
RAK811 LPWAN Breakout Module
SG$ 20.34
RAK811 LPWAN Breakout Module is a combination of the RAK811 chipset and the RAK811 Breakout Board. It is a barebone LoRa® Node solution which is a balance between small size and access to GPIOs via a header.
RAK4600 breakout board
SG$ 24.40
5.5V module Radial lead plastic case 1F
RAK4600 Evaluation Board
SG$ 47.45
5.5V module Radial lead plastic case 2.5F
RAK4270 Breakout Board
SG$ 23.72
5.5V module Radial lead plastic case 1.5F
RAK4260 Evaluation Board
SG$ 33.89
RAK4260 LPWAN Evaluation Board is a WisDuo product that consists of RAK4261 (RAK4260 LPWAN Module + Breakout board) and the RAK5005 WisBlock Base.
RAK4200 Evaluation Board
SG$ 36.60
5.5V module Radial lead plastic case 1.5F
RAK4600 WisDuo LPWAN Module
SG$ 11.93
WisDuo LPWAN Module RAK4260
SG$ 11.46
The RAK4260 LPWAN Module is based on Microchip's ATSAMR34J18B. It is a SiP device integrating a 32-bit ARM Cortex -M0+ MCU with a LoRa Transceiver in a compact surface mount package.
WisDuo LPWAN Module RAK4200
SG$ 9.22
RAK4200 LoRa® Module includes an STM32L071 MCU and an SX1276 LoRa® chip.