Enhancing Post-Harvest Ripening Process of Fruit and Vegetables via Milesight Carbon Dioxide Monitoring Solution


In order to facilitate long-term storage and long-distance transportation, fruit and vegetables are picked in advance, then ripened before selling. Post-harvest ripening is the process of bringing unripe fruit and vegetables to obtain their optimal flavor, quality, and textural properties. To speed up the ripening, Milesight’s carbon dioxide monitoring sensor can be used in the ripening room to help control the ventilation system to enhance the post-harvest ripening process of fruit and vegetables.



  • Timely alert of the high level of CO2
  • Automatic ventilation control
  • Requirement for long-term maintenance-free solution



Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a by-product of the ripening process. During respiration, fruit and vegetables release carbon dioxide which highly restrains fruit and vegetables’ metabolism. Hence, high level of carbon dioxide concentrations slows down the ripening process, resulting in adversely affecting fruit and vegetables’ quality.  So the ripening room must be ventilated to keep the carbon dioxide at a constantly suitable level.

For more efficient control and optimization of the ripening process and to improve fruit and vegetables’ quality, Milesight M500-CO2 carbon dioxide monitoring sensor can be used to help understand when to activate the ventilation system. M500-CO2 provides highly accurate measurement in harsh environments. What’s more, the built-in 19000 mAh high-capacity battery makes EM500-CO2 suitable for 10-year maintenance-free applications. Once the CO2 level reaches the threshold, LoRaWAN®-based EM500-UDL will immediately send out the alert to Milesight IoT Cloud or third-party cloud platforms. Based on an intelligent trigger system, Milesight IoT Cloud can automatically turn on the ventilation system with the help of the ventilation controller. By implementing the Milesight CO2 monitoring solution, the ripening room can enhance post-harvest ripening process of fruit and vegetables with optimum product quality.

Featured Product

EM500-CO2 Carbon Dioxide Monitoring Sensor


7*24 Accurate Monitoring and Immediate Alert

EM500-CO2 offers highly accurate CO2 measurement 7*24 and sends out an immediate alert once the CO2 level reaches the threshold.


 Automatic Ventilation Control

Based on an intelligent IF-THEN Command system, Milesight IoT Cloud can automatically control the ventilation system to maintain a suitable ripening environment.


Industrial-Grade Design and Years-Long Use Life

Equipped with an IP67 enclosure and 19000 mAh Li-SOCL2 battery, EM500-CO2 can be deployed inside a ripening room with 10 years-long product life.

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