Minimize Power Consumption to Reduce Carbon Footprint in the Office
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To end the dangerous overheating of the planet and combat global climate change, lots of governments are setting targets to slow down the speed of global warming to fulfill their obligations under the Paris Agreement and Kyoto Protocol. Greenhouse gas emission includes direct emissions, such as fossil fuel combustion, and indirect emissions, such as consumption of electricity. A company’s carbon footprint is the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions that are produced as a result of its operations. Aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Milesight offers CoWork Smart Office Solution to help minimize power consumption to reduce carbon footprint in the office.


Why is carbon footprint reduction important?

Most governments announced their commitment to reach carbon neutrality in emissions in the second half of the 21st century. Carbon footprint reduction will be the national strategy in the near future. More and more investors, employees and consumer support companies commit to measuring and reducing their carbon footprint. Hence, carbon footprint reduction in the office is a significant step to match the trend of the future.



Milesight’s CoWork Smart Office Solution is an affordable, reliable, easy-to-deploy solution, aiming to eliminate many time-consuming tasks, minimize power consumption to reduce carbon footprint, increase workplace productivity, et al. Moreover, empowered by LoRa Technology which significantly features low power consumption, all end nodes have more than two years of battery life. CoWork Smart Office Solution is the perfect choice to comply with the carbon footprint reduction strategy in the office.


Carbon Footprint Reduction Scenario

Carbon Footprint Reduction Topology

Window Alert to Avoid Air Leakage
When windows remain open,  Magnetic Contact Switch will alert the admin to avoid extra air conditioner power consumption.

Auto Lighting to Avoid Unnecessary Lighting
When PIR & Light Sensor detects that human approach and environmental light is dark, Milesight IoT Cloud will automatically turn on the light bulb and close it after leaving.

Auto Appliance Control
Connect Portable Socket to appliances, such as water dispenser, printer, ventilation fan and so on, to cut off power to eliminate standby power consumption during the after-work time.


Featured Products

PIR & Light Sensor

  • Light-assistant Human Activity Detection
  • Presence Detection Distance: 8 m
  • 4 Years Battery Life  (30 Times per Day)

Magnetic Contact Switch

  • Window/Door Open/Close Monitoring
  • Ultra-low Power Consumption
  • 5 Years Battery Life (10 Times per Day)

Portable Socket

  • Energy Saving/Electricity Statistics
  • Remote Control
  • Schedule Switch
  • Overcurrent Protection/Alarm

UG65 LoRaWAN® Gateway

  • Up to 2000 Nodes
  • Over 2 km Radio Communication Range
  • Ethernet, 4G and Wi-Fi

Milesight IoT Cloud

  • Field Data Visualization
  • Remote Monitoring & Control
  • Real-Time Alerts



  • Avoid unnecessary and extra power consumption
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Remote monitoring and control 7*24
  • Turnkey solution includes end nodes, gateway and cloud platform
  • One gateway covers a 2km radius area, supporting up to 2000 end nodes
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