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Laird BL654 Bluetooth Module with NFC
SG$ 13.23
The BL654 series brings out all nRF52840 hardware features and capabilities including USB access, up to 5.5V supply considerations, and 802.15.4 (Thread) implementation.
BTM411 Bluetooth 2.1 SPP Module
SG$ 26.67
The BTM411 Bluetooth module from Laird Connectivity has been designed to meet the needs of developers who wish to add robust short range Bluetooth data connectivity to their products. They are based on the market leading Cambridge Silicon Radio BC04 chipset providing exceptionally low power consumption with outstanding range.
BT900 BTv4.0 dual Mode smartBASIC
SG$ 23.37
SMALL. SMART. SIMPLE. Laird's BT900 modules reduce the engineering burden and design risk of integrating Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy into any OEM device. The BT900s tiny form factor, optimized power schemes and smartBASIC language provide a secure, stable Bluetooth environment for any embedded design. Let Laird's innovative BT900 series and decades of expertise in Bluetooth module design speed your product to market. Available in BT900-SA and BT900-SC variants.
BT800-02 Dual Mode Bluetooth 4.2 HCI module
SG$ 14.41
The BT800 series provides exceptionally low consumption with outstanding range. Supporting the latest Bluetooth v4.0 Specification with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), this Laird Connectivity module enables OEMs to accelerate their development time for leveraging either Classic Bluetooth or Bluetooth LE into their operating system-based devices.
BL654 USB adapter
SG$ 92.93
BL654 - Intelligent USB Bluetooth v5 Adapter (Nordic nRF52840)
BL652 Bluetooth 5 with NFC
SG$ 10.03
Bluetooth v5.0 Module with NFC
BL600-SA Bluetooth 4.0 Module
SG$ 17.45
The BL600 Series modules from Laird make it easy to add single-mode Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), or Bluetooth Smart, to small, portable, power-conscious devices, including those powered by AAA or coin cell batteries.
TDL110 Transport Data Logger
SG$ 181.82
The Transport Data Logger, or TDL for short, facilitates transparency in the supply chain process. Once attached to the shipment, the TDL measures and records temperature, humidity, tilt, and shock. Data captured by the TDL can be visualized through a mobile application. The limits of each parameter are individually configurable, and any violation is traceable and clearly assignable throughout the entire supply chain.
SG$ 121.21
SG$ 121.21
SG$ 121.21
SG$ 284.10
SaBLE-x Module, PCB Trace Antenna, Dev Kit
BTM431 BISM II Blueooth module
SG$ 29.76
Bluetooth 2.0 AT Data Module, Internal Antenna with BISM II Firmware
BT900 Dual Mode 4.0 USB dongle
SG$ 39.46
Intelligent USB BTv4.0 Dongle, Module
BT851 Dual Mode USB Dongle
SG$ 20.89
BT851 Bluetooth 4.2 Dual-Mode USB Adapter provides a compact, pre-certified solution offering Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The BT851 USB Adapter plugs into any Windows, Android, or Linux device via an external USB connection. Based on the Cypress CYW20704 A2 chipset, the BT850 Bluetooth USB Adapter provides exceptionally low power consumption with outstanding range.
Laird USB Dongle, Bluetooth, BT820, V4.0, Hci
SG$ 17.51
BTv4.0 Dual Mode USB Dongle, Module
Bluetooth 2.0 USB Adapter
SG$ 60.90
Bluetooth USB Adapter Version 2 (USB II)
BISMS02BI Embedded Bluetooth AT Module
SG$ 44.26
BISMS02BI is based on Cambridge Silicon Radio’s BlueCore4 chipset. The module contains all of the hardware and firmware for a complete Bluetooth solution, requiring no further components. The module has an integrated high-performance antenna which is matched with the Bluetooth RF and baseband circuitry. The firmware integrated into the module implements the higher layer Bluetooth protocol stack, up to and including the Generic Access Profile (GAP), Service Discovery Profile (SDAP), Serial Port Profile (SPP) and Audio Gateway. A virtual processor within the BC04 implements an AT command processor. This interfaces with the host system over a straight forward serial port using an extensive range of AT commands.
SG$ 133.33
BTv4.0 dual Mode smartBASIC (external ant), Dev Kit