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Sentrius LoRa Enable Sensor
SG$ 107.27
The Sentrius™ RS1xx temperature and humidity sensors enable battery-powered, local and wide-area sensor applications using LoRaWAN and Bluetooth 4.2!
Lierda LoRaWAN Carpark Sensor
SG$ 263.11
LoRaWAN car park sensor which use magnetic and mmwave radar to detect car parking lot.
AN-106 LoRaWAN Tester
SG$ 472.25
LoRa tester AN-106 based on LoRa module. AN-106 LoRa tester is with LCD screen and connect with gateway via OTA network joining. It can test the UPLINK and DOWNLINK packet loss rate and meanwhile users can get RSSI and SNR of gateway transmission.
SG$ 120.09
FW Programming Kit – BL6xx and RM1xx
SG$ 133.58
Intelligent LoRa/BLE EU version, Dev Kit
RAK4200 breakout board
SG$ 20.24
5.5V module Radial lead plastic case 1F
EM500-SWL Submersible Water Level Sensor
SG$ 619.32
EM500-SWL is designed to measure the tank level or open water applications while fully submersed in liquid. It is robust and sealed to prevent corrosion and failure.
LoRaWAN Temp/humidity with BLE
SG$ 107.27
Sentrius™ RS1xx LoRaWAN 923MHz Temp & Humidity Sensor – Singapore
LoRaWAN Gateway US915 w LTE/WiFi
SG$ 505.98
Sentrius™ RG191 Gateway including LoRaWAN, LTE, Wi-Fi & Ethernet - IP67 variant
Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway
SG$ 357.56
Sentrius™ RG1xx LoRaWAN AU915-928 + AS923MHz Gateway – Australia
450-0190 Sentrius™ RG186 Gateway including LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Ethernet - IP67
SG$ 999.73
Sentrius™ RG191 Gateway including LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Ethernet - IP67
Sentrius™ Concentrator Card
SG$ 123.53
Sentrius™ 915MHz Concentrator Card
WisGate Edge Prime
SG$ 470.90
5.5V module Radial lead shrink wrap 1.5F
LoRaWAN ext RTD Temp probe
SG$ 115.13
Sentrius™ RS1xx LoRaWAN - 923MHz Ext. RTD Temperature Probe (Smoker) – Singapore
LoRaWAN Temp/RH + Ext Open/Closed
SG$ 117.99
Sentrius™ RS1xx Multi-Sensor - 923MHz Ext. Open/Closed + Integrated Temp/RH – Singapore
Agriculture Sensor AS923
SG$ 240.17
The Agriculture Sensor is is the ideal solution to streamline and simplify the collection of key soil and environmental metrics for crops, residential and commercial lawns and gardens and golf courses
Wall Mounted NH3 Gas Sensor 3 in 1 Ammonia Gas Detector
SG$ 344.06
RS485 / analog, GPRS / 4G, NB-IOT / LORA, high density, fast response, 3 in 1 NH3 temperature and humidity detection.
LoRaWAN NH3 Ammonia Gas sensor
SG$ 296.84
The ammonia gas sensor with LoRaWAN transmitter
R0809A01 Wireless Plug-and-Play Power Outlet with Consumption Monitoring and Power Outage Detection
SG$ 252.31
R0809A01 Wireless Plug-and-Play Power Outlet with Consumption Monitoring and Power Outage Detection
Wisblock starter kit - Basic
SG$ 32.38
This is a bundle of WisBlock Base RAK5005-O and WisBlock Core RAK4631