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ASR5601 Bluetooth 5.2 SoC
SG$ 1.61
The ARM® Cortex™ M0+ MCU processes BLE software stacks and user’s application software The Cortex™-M0+ core ensures high efficiency and low power. With RF and modem, this SoC supports BLE 125K/500K/1M/2M bps data rates. ASR5601N-ML is designed to meet various kinds of IoT applications such as the data transmission, the remote controller and the speech recognition. OTP is integrated in order to enhance the system's security
Cypress SDIO bgn WIFi Baseband module
SG$ 2.43
AzureWave Technologies, Inc. introduces the advanced IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WLAN module - AWNM288SM. The module is targeted to mobile and embedded devices which need small footprint package, low power consumption, and multiple OS support. The module supports 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11n MAC/baseband/radio. It also features an integrated Power Management Unit (PMU), Power Amplifiers (PAs), and a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) to address the needs of mobile devices that require minimal power consumption and compact size.
SG$ 282.82
802.11a/b/g/n 2x2-BT 4.0, Dev Kit
SG$ 150.55
DVK, 60 Series, Sterling SIPT
SG$ 48.17
DVK, 60 Series, Sterling Module w/u.FL
SG$ 142.12
SDIO 802.11a/b/g/n, Dev Kit
Sterling-LWB 2.4 GHz WiFi Module
SG$ 22.57
Sterling-LWB SIP, Tape and Reel
Sterling-LWB5 Dual-Band WiFi Module with Bluetooth 4.2
SG$ 37.62
Sterling-LWB SIP, Cut Tape
Sterling-EWB DVK
SG$ 142.11
Dev Kit, Sterling-EWB Module, FlexPIFA Antenna
Sterling LWB5+ M.2 DVK
SG$ 90.56
Dev Kit, Sterling LWB5+, M.2, E-Key, USB, USB
Sterling LWB5+ DVK
SG$ 90.56
Dev Kit, Sterling LWB5+, MHF4
Sterling-LWB5+ WiFi 5 + Bluetooth 5.2 Module/USB Adapter
SG$ 33.25
Module, Sterling LWB5+, M.2, Key E, USB, USB
Sterling-LWB5 DVK
SG$ 90.56
Development Board, Sterling-LWB5, SD Card, Chip Antenna
60-SIPT Bluetooth and WiFi Module
SG$ 56.11
60 Series, Summit SIPT
60-2230C Series Bluetooth and WiFi Module
SG$ 48.63
60 Series, Summit Module w/u.FL, USB/USB
XDK Bosch IoT
SG$ 310.05